One month ago yesterday I stopped eating dairy. I made the decision to quit dairy after watching the video below. It wasn’t a decision based on health. If you watch the video you’ll get a sense of why I quit.

Its taken me a long time to come to this decision. Health never seemed a realistic reason to me. But looking at dairy from a different angle … the ethical treatment of animals … made the difference. It took one video (below) to get me seriously thinking about quitting dairy.

Over the past month I’ve been almost, but not completely dairy free. I had a piece from each of two birthday cakes bought for me and some asiago sprinkled on frozen spaghetti leftovers. I also have a block of Asiago cheese I’m planning to use up in frozen pesto. But, I’m no longer buying dairy of any kind.

When it comes to my health, not eating dairy has not made any difference to how I feel. Although, because I’m no longer drinking 5+ cups of tea each day with milk, usually with a craving for something to go along with it, I’ve lost a few pounds. That’s a plus for me.

Going dairy free has been easier than I anticipated. The challenges: butter, cheese, sour cream. But overall, not a problem.

I had already been weaning us off butter when baking, using coconut oil instead. Nothing to do with dairy, coconut oil just seemed healthier.

Last night I decided to make pizza and used vegan mozzarella. The cheese, quite honestly, was disgusting! Both the ingredients and the flavour. A friend has since sent me a vegan ‘cheese’ recipe made with cashews, nutritional yeast, garlic powder and salt. She says it takes getting used to, but at least the ingredients are reasonably healthy!

If you’re interested in checking out the video that led me to quit dairy, click the link below. (Disclaimer: The language is … well you’ll see as you watch it.)