This is an usual combination that has a delightful flavour and texture! My friend Violet, who is both a vegan AND a gourmet chef, introduced me to this easy to make, beautiful looking and delicious appetizer.

Easy to make, using store bought pesto and hummus, or take a bit more time and impress your guests (and their palates!) with your own homemade hummus and pesto.


  • Red Cabbage, cut in appy size wedges
  • Hummus, a dollop – roughly a tablespoon, homemade hummus or store bought
  • Pesto, a dollop – roughly a teaspoon, homemade or store bought
  • Dates, sliced in half


  1. Prep ingredients – cut cabbage into wedges, prepare hummus and or hummus (if homemade), slice dates.
  2. Layer ingredients – slice of cabbage, dollop of hummus, dollop of pesto, slice of date.
  3. Lay out on nice tray for serving … you’re all done!!