“I use the Lazy Chef cookbook more than any other one I have. Every recipe I have tried has been easy, using ingredients I already have and the results were great. Thank you, Lazy Chef!”

– Evelyn Trites, Picton, Ontario, Canada

“As a working professional, it is a challenge for me to find time to cook and eat healthily. Thankfully, through Sue’s recipes, I am able to do both! The recipes I have tried are not only simple to make, but also delicious to eat. These recipes have become my “go-to” ones when I cook for a friend or have a multitude to feed. And, Sue rightfully deserves the credit from the compliments that I have received about these dishes!”

– Michelle Chung, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I am a working mother with two extremely active boys under the age of ten who both play soccer and baseball.  Of all of the millions of things I have to do, deciding what to cook is the worst of the lot.  I am always looking for new ideas and I have tried so many recipe books, internet recipes, magazines etc where I have to buy special ingredients, they take hours to prepare and my family doesn’t like the food anyway – it is enough to make you cry.  I wonder just how much money I have wasted on books, magazines and strange and unusual spices and ingredients?

The Lazy Chef recipes use ingredients you would have on hand, take no time to prepare and turn out perfectly every time, and my family loves the results.  Who would have thought my boys would eat brussel sprouts, and ask for them again???!!!  I have yet to try a recipe that we have not all loved, including the leftovers for the next day.  Thank you Sue for making my life easier – in a much bigger way than you could ever realize!”

– Michelle Busch, Burnaby, BC, Canada

“What days we live in?! Natural disasters, economic collapse… and insecurity… today I heard “globally food has never been as scarce, or expensive”…

There are many reasons why we feel the need to hunker down a bit financially and not eat out as much.

I am a middle aged single guy learning to cook – and loving it! I’m saving money, discovering new flavors and feel creative! THIS cook book is not merely a ‘how to’ but an encouragement to an improved lifestyle!! I love the easy recipes and the organization + the ethics behind it (25% profits given away).”

– Peter Biggs, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

“I have been so impressed with the recipes I’ve tried from this cookbook!

As a busy working mom, it’s important that recipes are not only fast, easy to follow, and use normal everyday ingredients that are usually on hand or easy to get at the store, but they have to be delicious, and these recipes fit the bill!

The garlic roasted vegetables are the tastiest way to get rid of veggies in your fridge! The burgers are TO DIE FOR, and the proscuitto brussel sprouts are FANTASTIC, even if you are not a fan of brussel sprouts! If you never thought such delicious food could be this simple, I urge you to try these recipes and impress yourself (and others)!!”

– Evonne Lau, Port Moody, BC, Canada

“The recipes that I have tried in the first Lazy Chef cookbook are healthy, fun, easy and pretty quick to prepare. I recommend this cookbook to working mom’s and also to people who don’t enjoy being in the kitchen all day but enjoy eating great home made food. My family and I are very excited for the second edition!”

– Marjean Allen, Austin, Texas, USA

“I use Sue’s cookbook and find it delicious and very practical for my always in a hurry way of approaching everything!  I’m looking forward to more good eating…”

– Rebecca Friesen, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“If you’re anything like me you love to entertain but seem to fall back on the tried and true recipes that you’ve used for years! Time for a change! In “The Lazy Chef”, Susan has pulled together time-tested favourites with a new twist, using ingredients that most of us already have in the pantry. Many of the recipes have suggestions for substituting various spices, or for cutting the fat and making healthier dishes while still enjoying great taste!Whether you’re cooking for your sweetheart, or for a crowd you will love the time-saving, ‘easy to prepare’ recipes within the pages of The Lazy Chef.”

– Val Whitelaw, Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada

“A lazy cookbook gathers no dust: here’s a book of usable recipes you’ll keep coming back to. Whether it’s Sue’s tantalizing and exotic dishes or her spirited improvements on down-home classics, she makes it easy enough for the rest of us to pull off delicious meals in no time. Enjoy!”
– Andrew Tyler, Burien, Washington, USA
“Sue’s easy to follow recipes reflect her heart to share simple home cooking with those of us who haven’t got much of a clue in the kitchen! She makes the creation of tasty dishes easily achievable for even the most cooking-challenged among us!  I’ve given The Lazy Chef Cookbook to loads of my friends.”
– Sally Start, Vancouver, BC, Canada
“There is something about sharing good food that feeds not only the body and the soul; but also nourishes healthy relationships. I happily recommend Susan’s “good cooking” to you-her simple and tasty recipes will add flavour and fun to your cooking and eating together.”
– Barry Buzza, Pastor, Northside Church, Coquitlam, BC, Canada